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While a big storm can be an amazing thing to watch, it can also cause significant damage to your roof.  Heavy winds can tear shingles off and hail can cause holes.  This kind of weather can also send debris, such as branches into the air and straight into your roof.

It doesn't even have to storm for significant damage to occur.  A tree can fall over, from rot or being struck by a car and land right on your roof.  A fire can destroy parts of your roof and make it unsafe to be inside.  There are lots of unexpected circumstances that can occur and leave you with a big problem.

It doesn't really matter how the damage occurred - the most important thing is how quickly you get it repaired.

The longer you wait, the more the damage can spread.  Water will always travel through the path of least resistance, which means if there's a hole in your roof, the water will go right through it.  Water damage inside your home can be extensive and very expensive to repair.

When a storm, a tree or a fire strikes, you need a roofing company that can get to your home quickly to assess the damage and begin repairs.  That's why Fyfe's Roofing offers a 24/7 emergency line.  No matter what day or what time, you will be able to reach one of their expert roofers.  They will come to your home to check out the damage and start protecting your home.  Depending on the circumstances, the repairs may begin immediately or temporary measures can be taken to protect your home and roof until the repairs can get started.

When an emergency happens, call Fyfe's Roofing right away!

Home owners like you repeatedly rate Fyfe's Roofing as the best roofing contracting company in the Durham Region area.

I had been getting quotes on having my roof done and then I noticed a leak.  I called Fyfe's Roofing and spoke with Mike, he said that he would be over that day.  He came the same day, fixed the leak, and gave me a very reasonable quote on having my roof done.  Mike and his team came on the date that he had promised to replace the roof.  They did an awesome job with high attention to detail.
~ Eric from Whitby, November 2013

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